After days of gloomy weather, clearing skies prompted a late afternoon walk at a local park with one of my favorite lenses, the Canon EF100 mm f/2.8 USM Macro.  This popular lens introduced in 2006 is still available today and retails around $550 new, or $300 – $400 for used or refurbished.  A newer “L ” version with image stabilization is also available for around $900.


This 100 mm macro is an optimal focal length and very versatile.  It offers 2X magnification as a short telephoto, as well as 1:1 close focusing for capturing detail at a reasonable distance. Although autumn color was the subject of the day, it’s also an excellent lens for portraiture.

In my opinion, the 100 mm USM Macro is one of the best value lenses available from Canon; very sharp, distortion free, a great walk-around lens.